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Author Guidelines

Requirements for publications

Scientific requirements.

Ehrlich’s Journal admits for publication Articles, Essays and Book Reviews.

The articles outline the author's arguments in the course of extensive analysis of the scientific problem, while Essays have a narrower scope, but the subject matter is of general scholarly interest. The main goal of the Essays is to start a new conversation. Ehrlich’s Journal also admits reviews of books that have been published within the past two years.

The paper must be created individually by the person(s) indicated as the author (authors). The paper should not have been published, and should not be reviewed for publication elsewhere.

Papers, returned to authors for revision, should be reinstated to the editorial board within the recommended time.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit the papers, and to display them on the web page of the Journal after the publication.

Ethical requirements.

The Editorial Board of the Ehrlich’s Journal commits to the internationally accepted principles of publication ethics expressed in the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) on ways to respond to possible acts of unethical behaviour of the authors.

Plagiarism is not allowed.

Technical requirements.

Manuscripts are accepted in electronic form in Ukrainian and English. Manuscript should be sent to ehrlich_journal@chnu.edu.ua in doc. or docx. format.

Papers must include:

  1. The first name, initial(s) and surname of each author, academic degree, position, ORCID code (if any).
  2. Name of scientific institution (including department), postal and electronic address.
  3. The title should accurately reflect the content of the paper, contain keywords, but no more than 15 full-wording words.
  4. Abstract of no more than 250 words  (summarizes the paper and research results and allows the reader to understand, whether its full text is interesting).
  5. Key words.

The information specified in paragraphs 2-5 shall be indicated in Ukrainian and English.

  1. The text of the paper (article - 4000-7000 words, essay - 2500-4000 words, review - 1500-2500), presented within the following parameters: margins of 30 mm should be left around left side of the text, 15 mm – right side, 20 mm - upper and lower sides; the text size is 14 pt.; line spacing – 1,5. The materials sent to the Journal should include the following elements:

6.1 scientific issue statement and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

6.2 analysis of recent researches and publications in which the resolution of current problem were initiated, the allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem to which this article is devoted;

6.3 formulating the purpose and objectives of an article or essay;

6.4. presentation of the main research material with full scientific substantiation of the received scientific results;

6.5 conclusions and perspectives for further developments in this direction.

These elements are not required to be highlighted in the text (using underline, italic or bold).

All abbreviations, except for common, may be introduced when first occurred in the text. It is necessary to indicate precisely the source of citations quoted in the manuscript, numerical and factual data. Bibliographic references in the text are made using square brackets with two numbers. The first is the number of the sources in the list of literature (references), the second is the number of the page of the quoted source (for example [2, 148], or [4, art. 26] - if reference to the article of the legal material).

  1. If the paper is in Ukrainian, the references should be given in the end of the paper in two formats: 1) USED MATERIALS (in Cyrillic), presented according to the national standards 8302:2015 and 7.1:2006 2) References (in Latin), presented according to the international standard АРА. If necessary, the “Recommendations for References” will be sent to the authors. If the paper is in English, only References are required.

The manuscript should be supplemented with: 1) Author's Background, which indicates the surname, name, academic institution, position and academic degree; home and office phones, postal and email addresses; 2) photo of the author in jpeg format (in volume not less than 100 kb, 300 dpi.)

Fee for publishing is not paid.

The author is responsible for the content and authenticity of the manuscript.