Published by Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University since 2017

Certificate of registration by the Ministry of Justice КВ № 22780-12680Р from 03.07.2017

Publication Frequency: Twice per year

The Ehrlich’s Journal is a fully open access peer-reviewed journal. It was conceived with the aim of helping to overcome the ideological and methodological crisis in the legal cognition and understanding of law that emerged at the turn of the 21stcentury . It is one more step of the Chernivtsi Law School on the way back to its own origins; it’s an evidence of the irreversibility of the processes of the transition of all national jurisprudence to European philosophical and methodological foundations. The Journal is intended to become a forum for discussions on the above-mentioned problems, a place for lawyers to present new worldview and methodological approaches to legal cognition and understanding of law, new hypotheses and concepts about the nature of law. The "Ehrlich’s Journal" will develop a sociological approach in legal cognition and understanding of law, will help overcome the dominance of positivism in Ukrainian jurisprudence as a methodology and as a practice of legal cognition and understanding of law, will be, first of all, a platform for scholars who adhere to the anthroposociocultural approach to them..."